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July 02 2017

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Diana Prince: What do people do when there isn’t a war?
Steve Trevor: They get a job, get married, have children.
Diana Prince: What is that like?
Steve Trevor: I… don’t know.

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Ganymede is both the largest moon of Jupiter and the largest moon in the Solar System. With a diameter of 5268km, it is larger than Pluto and is the ninth largest object in the Solar System. Despite being such a large object, it doesn’t have a substantial atmosphere surround it. It does however have its own magnetic field, which is unique for a moon in the solar system. It is one of the Galilean moons, which were first discovered back in 1609-10. It is in a 1:2:4 orbital resonance with Europa and Io.

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doctor privilege is never having to do any other jobs your commanding officer asks you to do because you’re a doctor, not a well-rounded multi-skilled individual with adequate starfleet training

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Neighborhood feud. My wife and I have a United Federation of Planets flag hanging on our house. My neighbors just hung a Klingon flag on theirs.

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matching icons for you and your exasperated shipmates

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Without the Jedi, there can be no balance in the Force.

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Star Trek Boldly Go #9
try to be cuter than these two

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@first-iotian-in-starfleet2​ said: Rank insignia - ENT pips, TOS braids or TNG and onward pips?

I think the TNG pips are way more practical, but I love the look of the TOS braids!

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Captain America : Civil War (2016)

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Chris Pine in Horrible Bosses 2

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pretty Romo being pretty - part 1/??

We’re flawed. All of us. I wanted to know why, so I did what he did. I spend my life with the fallen. The corrupt. The damaged.

July 01 2017

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mccoy ripping open his jacket appreciation post

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omggg…………same, spock …„///


this bitch empty


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Oh well talking of tsundere blueshirts

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