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July 02 2017


doctor privilege is never having to do any other jobs your commanding officer asks you to do because you’re a doctor, not a well-rounded multi-skilled individual with adequate starfleet training

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Neighborhood feud. My wife and I have a United Federation of Planets flag hanging on our house. My neighbors just hung a Klingon flag on theirs.

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matching icons for you and your exasperated shipmates

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Without the Jedi, there can be no balance in the Force.

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Star Trek Boldly Go #9
try to be cuter than these two

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@first-iotian-in-starfleet2​ said: Rank insignia - ENT pips, TOS braids or TNG and onward pips?

I think the TNG pips are way more practical, but I love the look of the TOS braids!

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Captain America : Civil War (2016)

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Chris Pine in Horrible Bosses 2

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pretty Romo being pretty - part 1/??

We’re flawed. All of us. I wanted to know why, so I did what he did. I spend my life with the fallen. The corrupt. The damaged.

July 01 2017

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mccoy ripping open his jacket appreciation post

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omggg…………same, spock …„///


this bitch empty


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Oh well talking of tsundere blueshirts

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I don’t know if i’m more excited for Sam Wilson being Cap or for Anthony Mackie being Cap - both of them are basically a dream come true!

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Little ray of sunshine, happy golden sunflower, perfect cinammon roll too good for this world too pure

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I heard a rumor that you were phasing out martial arts films. What’s the scoop with that?

I’m human. Sometimes we say things in the heat of the moment. For me, there have been days when my body is just tired of the beating that I put it through in a high-powered, high-intensity action flick. But at the end of the day, if I sit down and watch TV or see an action sequence on the screen and think, “Oh, come on! That’s it? I can do better than that!” then it stirs that competitive spirit. I’m an actor, but inside I’m also a fighter. © 

Donnie Yen for  Black Belt Magazine (2016)

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